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My adoption, confusion

I just joined this group and doing a blog is brand new.

I wrote about my finding my birth parents, and then they got remarried and tried to turn three complete strangers into some sort of family. I was furious when they remarried, I thought when we all met it would be very clear that they could not get along and why they gave me away, but they clearly were not following my script. The whole process left me confused, and angry at how easy it was for them to get back together again. I'm a 59 year old man who has done counseling with adults looking, but when it cane to me i left confused and very angry. I got over it in my Mens group but i was wondering if any one else had feelings like this. especially other men.

Feel free to read the whole story on my blog (short very edited version) called "My adoption cluster fuck"

My birth father died after five years of me keeping my distance from a face I resembled but he was distant cold man, and now my birth mother is so need, and i just don't feel I can give her what she wants. Any way the title of the posting is "My adoption Cluster Fuck"
hope the title and the art doesn't offend anyone, it is my feeling alone. or maybe not. Sure would like to know how other feel
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