pieces_of_nine (pieces_of_nine) wrote in adoptees,

Reading that last post about attachment and the like got me wondering about something else...

I have a very large "personal space". I do NOT like people getting too physically close to me unless I invite them in; and I will sidle away from people if they get in my zone uninvited. Most of the time, I don't even realise I am doing it.

I get into trouble for it from my partner, as apparently it makes me come across as snobby and aloof and stand-offish...and I'm not really like that. (Except for the whole 'I actually am snobby, aloof and stand-offish' part, and I only let my guard down with people I let into my 'zone'). I am more than happy to hold hands - but someone wanting to walk with their arm around me? Eeuuww.

So I dunno, is it just that I am not a touchy feely person? Or is it another thing that's compounded by the whole adoption thing?
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