planetgeorge (planetgeorge) wrote in adoptees,

Adoption agency

I got a reply to my email from the records coordinator at the adoption agency. It costs $150 to obtain non-identifying info on my birth parents. In addition, they can hire a private investigator to search for birth parents for $500. If I want both, the cost would be $600 instead of $650. I'm SERIOUSLY considering paying the $600 for both the non-ID info and hiring a PI.

If I don't want to pay $600 for all that, and I just want to pay $150 for the non-identifying info, there is a Florida adoption reunion registry that costs $35. I've also registered on but when I searched for birth parents I got no matches so apparently no one has been searching for me. I've posted on several adoption groups on Facebook and several "search angels" replied and said definitely get the non ID info because that can be priceless. What I'm wondering is what these search angels do. I suppose they spend a lot of time online searching for peoples' birth families. But now I'm also wondering if I have any siblings or half siblings searching for me. This whole thing is getting me VERY intrigued.
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